“Everyone can do something by raising awareness of the poaching crisis, and by raising funds to help those who are able to make even a small difference at the field level to protect and preserve the elephants.”  
                                                                                         Dame Daphne Sheldrick

    You can help right now!

    “What can I do, what difference does it make?” Actually, you can do a lot. And it does make a difference! Every single person joining with other people builds a force for change. Even a small donation makes a difference – they all add up!

    We have seen public opinion grow and speak out and deliver real change. We have seen our letter-writing campaigns to our MPs help to bring attention to wildlife issues and show how strongly people feel about them.

    The huge response to the government’s consultation on the ivory ban sent the message loud and clear that the British public want a full ban on ivory trade.

    Our protests and marches gain public and media attention, carrying the message to many more people and demonstrating again the strength of public opinion – and we’ve seen the government take heed.

    Our open letter to China’s president was published in UK newspapers and receive widespread media coverage both at home and internationally. Prince William was in China at the time, also calling for an ivory ban, and he wrote us to acknowledge the letter.  And beyond all expectations, we’ve seen China announce and implement a full ban on ivory trade in the space of one year!

    Public demand for action to stop the slaughter of elephants has unquestionably pressured world leaders into taking action to save them. Every individual who turns up at protests, or makes a donation, or signs a petition, or writes to their MP, is making their voice count.

    If you care about elephants and their fate on our planet, please get involved in fighting for them, in whatever way you can!

    Spread the word, make people aware of the crisis, urge friends and family to support our cause.  Share on Facebook and Twitter, write letters to your MPs and decision-makers, sign petitions, and attend protests. Be seen, be heard, be present!

    Donate – how you can help right away!

    The most immediate way you can help is to donate to any of the elephant groups working hard to protect and rescue elephants and to care for those who have been injured or traumatised by loss.

    Anything you can donate will go towards saving elephants’ lives and to projects on the ground that need your support to continue, such as anti-poaching measures, mobile vet units, campaigns to educate and inform, and initiatives to help locals live with elephants and manage them as a vital resource. Please see the list of groups to find a group to donate to.

    Join Action for Elephants UK

    Become part of our group and share in our advocacy, activism and awareness-raising to help turn around the crisis facing elephants. This is more than a crisis – it’s an emergency, a race against the clock. Around 55 elephants are still being killed every day, and that doesn’t count all those who are maimed or orphaned. This must stop or elephants will be gone in our lifetimes.

    Please join us at our  events.  Our peaceful street protests at chosen locations are critical for bringing attention to the crisis. They give everyone who cares about elephants a chance to be heard, be counted, be present! The more people who come, the greater the reach of our message and its power to bring about change. Don’t underestimate people power! When people join together to take action, change happens. Your voice counts!

    To join, click here or go to our group page on Facebook.

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