“And after they are gone, there will be silence. And there will be stillness. And there will be empty places. And nothing you can say will change this. Nothing you can do will bring them back.”

    Bradley Trevor Greive

    On 13 April 2019 hundreds of people marched through London to demand a ban the import of hunting ‘trophies’.

    Also with us on the day were 8 extraordinary advocates who delivered inspiring and illuminating speeches. The clear message from all was that TIME IS RUNNING OUT for the already threatened species that hunters most like to kill – elephant, lion, rhino, giraffe – and trophy hunting is driving these closer to extinction. (Read about the impact of trophy hunting on wild populations and their odds of survival.)

    Though this government claims that saving endangered wildlife is a key priority, it remains complicit in this ‘slaughter for sport’ by allowing British hunters to bring home the body parts of these animals. If trophy hunters could no longer brag about or display their kills, or receive special awards and recognition from their fellow hunters, there would be little motivation for them to hunt.

    Another message that came across loud and clear was the importance of advocacy and the public voice in driving change. It was the overwhelming public support for a ban on the UK ivory trade that pushed the government to act, and global public pressure also pushed China to bring in an ivory ban, against all expectations.

    We will continue to demand action from Theresa May and Michael Gove to close the door to this vile and abhorrent trade once and for all, and to lead by example in the fight to save our vanishing wildlife. (Read our letter to them delivered at the march.)

    Bella Lack (Youth Ambassador for Born Free Foundation, STAE and Jane Goodall Institute)

    Mark Jones (Born Free Foundation)

    John Stephenson (StopIvory)

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