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    (Note: these reports mostly leave out the key arguments of the campaign and fail to sufficiently probe Longleat’s statements.)

    Anne: elefantessa condannata alla solitudine non vede un simile da 20 anni Radio 105 TV Italy 12 Feb 2921

    Ancien animal de cirque, cette éléphante n’a pas croisé un seul de ces congénères depuis vingt ans… demotivateur 11 Feb 2021

    UK’s ‘Loneliest Elephant’ Hasn’t Seen Her Own Kind In 20 Yrs, People Sign Petition To Rehome Her India Times 10 Feb 2021

    Circus abuse for 50 years! The female elephant “thinks that she is the last elephant in the world”. 馬戲團虐打50年!母象「以為自己是世界最後一隻象」 網心疼連署送她見家人 | 凱特王 | 鍵盤大檸檬 | ETtoday新聞雲  9 Feb 2021

    Britain’s loneliest elephant all alone for 20 years as 400k sign petition for new home Mirror 8 February 2021

    UK’s loneliest elephant’ desperate for friends after circus abuse, say activists Metro 22 January 2021

    Dozens of experts call on Longleat to give the ‘UK’s loneliest elephant’ her last chance for companionship The Canary 21January 2021

    Maria Mossman and Dr Niall McCann discuss Anne on BBC Radio Wiltshire 11 January 2021

    Thousands call on Longleat to give ‘the UK’s loneliest elephant’ the chance at a dream retirement The Canary, 17 December 2020

    To pack a trunk or not? Battle over retirement plans of ‘Britain’s loneliest elephant’, saved from the circus The Independent, 7 January 2021

    Will Britain’s loneliest elephant be getting a new home? BBC Newsround, 8 January 2021

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