Stop the killing, ban the trade!

    On 13 April 2019 hundreds of people marched through London to call for an immediate ban on hunting trophy imports to the UK, and to send an urgent message that time is running out for endangered species.

    We marched in solidarity with over 60 other events taking place around the world in the fifth Global March for Elephants and Rhinos.

    Trophy hunting is putting dangerous pressure on key species already decimated by poaching, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict. Over the past decade, trophy hunters have taken as many as 1.7 million body parts, including over 200,000 from endangered animals – a staggering scale of killing that could push many threatened species to the brink of extinction in the wild.

    In the UK, permissive laws on trophy hunting have allowed 2,500 animal trophies to be brought into the country by British hunters over the past decade, including body parts of lions, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, bears and zebras. Around 2 tons of elephant ivory have also been brought home by British hunters, as well as ears, trunks, feet, tails and skins of elephants.


    It’s time for the UK to close its doors to this gruesome and despicable trade once and for all and support efforts to ban trophy imports internationally.

    Click here for videos of London march 

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    Theresa May, are you listening?

    At the end of the march we delivered our open letter to Theresa May at Downing Street, signed by over 150 conservationists, scientists, NGOs, celebrities, animal welfare groups, and a broad cross-party group of MPs and Lords. L to r: Denise Dresner, Action for Elephants; John Stevenson, Stop Ivory; Peter Egan; Cordelia Britton, Four Paws; Mark Jones, Born Free Foundation; Eduardo Goncalves, Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting (with Palmerston the cat).

    Press notices of London march

    Protests against trophy hunting and imports of lion, giraffe and elephant parts to take place in 70 cities worldwide (The Independent)

    Ban the import of hunting trophies (The Guardian)

    An urgent letter from Ed Norton and Caroline Lucas is about to land on Theresa May’s doorstep (The Canary)

    GMFER London March Against Extinction & Trophy Hunting (Claws Out)

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