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    Become part of our group and share in our advocacy, activism and awareness-raising to help turn around the crisis facing elephants. This is more than a crisis – it’s an emergency, a race against the clock. Remember: 100 elephants are being killed, maimed, and orphaned EVERY DAY. This must stop or elephants will be gone in our lifetimes. Please join us at our next events.  Our peaceful street protests at chosen locations are critical for bringing attention to the crisis. They give everyone who cares about elephants a chance to be heard, be counted, be present! The more people who come, the more we will be noticed by the public, the media, and those who have the power to effect change. Don’t underestimate people power! When people join together to take action, change happens. Your voice counts! To join, click here or go to our group page on Facebook.

    Download our leaflet and share it:

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