London will #MarchAgainstExtinction and call for a ban on trophy hunting imports – please join us!

    The 5th Global March for Elephants and Rhinos will take place on April 13th with cities around the world joining in a huge day of action for endangered wildlife.

    Our key action for the event will be to call for the British government to ban the import of hunting trophies to the UK. We are supporting the parliamentary Early Day Motion that ‘calls on the Government to commit to halting imports of hunting trophies as a matter of urgency’.

    Around 2,500 hunting trophies have been brought home by British hunters over the past decade, among them hundreds from endangered species including elephants, lions, hippos, giraffes, leopards – all killed for ‘sport’. These cruel and barbaric practices continue to decimate already endangered species and drive them closer to extinction.

    Killing a lion or elephant not only leads to declines in numbers but has wider and long-lasting effects on the species’ gene pool, the transmission of knowledge and critical skills, and its odds for survival.

    In total, some 1.7 million trophies were legally traded between nations between 2004 and 2014, 200,000 of them from endangered species.

    Contrary to arguments used by trophy hunters that hunting helps conservation and communities on the ground, in reality it brings no lasting benefits to either sector, and its contribution economically is virtually nil.

    GMFER2019 will be taking place shortly before CITES Conference of the Parties (CoP18) in Sri Lanka on 23 May–3 June.  GMFER is organizing a global call to CoP delegates to: support the proposal to uplist elephants to Appendix I, reject the proposal from several southern African countries to re-open ivory trade and trade in elephant trophies, and reject the proposal to allow trade in the Southern White Rhino.  

    The broader theme of the event is Save Our Wild World. Wild animals and their habitats are everywhere under threat. Without maximum protections by the global community and CITES, elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffes and all endangered megafauna face certain extinction in the wild. Relentless poaching, habitat loss, and the vast trade in their body parts are wiping them out. Allowing the last of these species to be killed for ‘fun’ is not only morally abhorrent but is having catastrophic consequences for those endangered species.

    We call on the British government to take urgent action to ban the import of hunting trophies and to support efforts internationally to end this gruesome trade once and for all.

    Please join us on April 13th in London to help make this our biggest event ever!

    Event details:

    11 AM: Meet at Cavendish Square W1G 0PU and hear short speeches from Stanley Johnson, Bella Lack and Christine Macsween.

    Noon: The march will set out through central London to Whitehall.

    1 PM: Assemble at Whitehall, where we will hear Nicky Campbell, Peter Egan, Eduardo Gonçalves (Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting), Mark Jones (Born Free Foundation) and John Stephenson (Stop Ivory) talk about the impact of trophy hunting on endangered species, the need to close the CITES loophole that exempts hunters, busting the myths behind pro-hunting arguments, and why public pressure is so important .  

    2 PM: The campaign’s letter to Theresa May will be handed in to No. 10 Downing St.

    2:15 PM: Press photos outside the gates of Downing St.

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    Please sign these petitions calling for bans on trophy hunting imports:

    Ban the import of hunting trophies from threatened species

    Born Free Foundation petition to end trophy hunting

    Petition to CITES to ban trophy hunting of endangered species

    Ban lion trophy hunting imports into the UK

    Email your MP – Ban Trophy Hunting imports to the UK!

    Germany, Stop the Import of Hunting Trophies of Protected Animals





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