“Everyone can do something by raising awareness of the poaching crisis, and by raising funds to help those who are able to make even a small difference at the field level to protect and preserve the elephants.”                                                                           

    Dame Daphne Sheldrick

    You can help right now!

    “What can I do, what difference does it make?” Actually, you can do a lot. And it does make a difference! Every single person joining with other people builds a force for change. We have seen public opinion grow and speak out and deliver real change; we have seen our letter-writing campaign to our MPs raise the profile of the wildlife debate in Parliament, making sure our representatives know how strongly people feel on this issue. We’ve seen our last street protest get widespread media coverage, taking the message to many more people. Public demand for action to stop the slaughter of elephants has unquestionably pressured world leaders into taking action to save them. So get involved! Spread the word, make people aware of the crisis, urge friends and family to join the cause.  Share on Facebook and Twitter, write letters to your MPs and decision-makers, sign petitions, and attend protests. Be seen, be heard, be there! The most immediate way you can help is to donate to any of the elephant groups working hard to protect and rescue elephants.

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