“How shockingly destructive and historically shameful it would be if we did nothing while a great species was criminally slaughtered into extinction. And yet, here we are in the midst of one of the most tragic and outrageous assaults on our shared inheritance that I’ve seen in my lifetime—where an elephant’s dead ivory is prized over its living condition, where corruption feeds on its body and soul, and where money only makes matters worse.”  John Kerry


    Elephant behaviour – intelligence, emotions, social bonds …

    It’s Time to Accept That Elephants, Like Us, Are Empathetic Beings
    By Virginia Morell

    Surprise! Elephants Have Been Listening to and Judging Us By Our Voices
    by Alicia Graef

    The Secret Lives of Elephants Revealed with Infrared Cameras

    Six facts about elephant families
    Helena Williams

    Five unbelievable habits of elephants
    By Jo Barrow

    What elephants can teach us about the importance of female leadership
    By Lesley Evans Ogden and New Scientist

    Elephants do console each other


    The crisis …

    The future of Africa’s elephants: out with arguments old, in with choices bold
    By Katarzyna Nowak and Trevor Jones

    Elephant Appeal: China – the front line of a hideous slaughter
    By Michael McCarthy

    The Ivory Trade Is Out of Control, and China Needs to Do More to Stop It
    By Per Liljas

    The Chinese government can stop the ivory market
    By Hongxiang Huang

    China invokes spirit of the panda in fight illegal ivory trade
    By Malcolm Moore

    Blood Ivory
    By Bryan Christy

    A Voice for Elephants (National Geographic)

    Elephant Foster Mom: A Conversation with Daphne Sheldrick

    Elephant killings surge as tusks fund terror
    By Mark Quarterman

    The Heavy Cost of Elephant Poaching in Central Africa
    By Andrea Turkalo

    Wildlife Crime – debate in House of Parliament 10 Oct 2013
    Speakers include: Joan Walley, Zac Goldsmith, Justin Tomlinson.

    The Situation for Elephants Is Desperate – Please Help
    By Yevgeny Lebedev (The Independent)

    Elephants could be being slaughtered far quicker than previous figures suggest
    Jo Barrow

    Elephant Declines Vastly Underestimated
    By Trevor Jones and Katarzyna Nowak

    At this rate, elephants will be wiped out within 10 years
    Zac Goldsmith

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