Boris Johnson’s message of support

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    In his message, Boris Johnson, UK Foreign Secretary, calls for the government to implement a total ban on ivory trade in the UK, and to vote ethically at the CITES conference.

    “The elephant is perhaps the single greatest glory of the animal kingdom. Mankind is privileged to share the planet with these magnificent and curious beasts.

    It is utterly heartbreaking that their numbers are falling so far and so fast.

    We must act – and that means an ivory ban, as we Conservatives promised in our manifesto at the last election.

    It is dismaying that the EU finds itself unable to unite on this question – and therefore unable to speak up properly in CITES.

    By taking back control of our conservation strategy we in Britain will once again be able to show a global lead.”

    William Hague


    In his message of support, Lord Hague calls for a ban on ivory trade, in the UK and all countries.

    “I pay tribute to everyone involved in the vital cause of saving Africa’s elephants. We can win this battle if every country plays its part. My own work, with United for Wildlife, is focused on helping shipping and airline companies to prevent the transportation of illegal ivory.

    We should call on African nations to unite behind The Elephant Protection Initiative. And western countries, including the UK, should now close their ivory markets to ensure this evil trade is suppressed and to encourage China and others to follow our example. With clear campaigning and the right decisions, we must defeat the killing of some of the worlds’ most revered animals.”

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