Global March for Elephants & Rhinos 2017

    The 4th annual Global March for Elephants & Rhinos in London will take place on 7 Oct 2017.

    On that day, cities around the world will march as one voice to call on their governments to ban all ivory and rhino horn trade, both domestically and globally, and to take urgent and concerted action to protect and save these two species that are threatened with extinction.

    Although global resolutions to ban ivory trade were made at the CITES conference in 2016, this trade (both legal and illegal) continues to flourish in many countries, including the UK. As the largest exporter of ivory in the EU, as well as allowing a thriving legal ivory trade at home, the UK plays a major role in keeping ivory markets open. This makes the UK a complicit player in the ongoing poaching that is driving elephants to extinction in the wild. It’s a shameful position for this country to hold.

    With the removal of an ivory ban from its 2017 manifesto, due to strong lobbying from the antiques trade, the UK government has shown it is more concerned about protecting the interests of this small commercial sector – and allowing traders to continue to profit from selling ivory – than with doing all it can to help save this endangered species.

    Our message on this march will be to urge the prime minister to make good on her party’s pledge in earlier manifestos to ban the domestic ivory trade once and for all, and to take a leading role in the fight to ban ivory and rhino horn globally.

    This year, the London march will also include a silent protest in front of Parliament, to send a strong message to the government that it must take action on a domestic ivory ban now.   The silent protest will also serve as a tribute to the millions of elephants killed for their tusks – an unimaginable scale of slaughter that has reduced their numbers to around 400,000 and has put elephants on the path to extinction.

    At the end of the march we will once again deliver a letter to No. 10 Downing St., voicing the overwhelming public support for a complete ban.

    We will have stellar speakers once again, including Rory Young of Chengeta Wildlife, Sangita Iyer (whose film ‘Gods in Shackles’, about the  plight of captive elephants in India, will be premiering in London that night), Phil Mansbridge of IFAW, and others.

    We will also be taking an action to publicize and protest against the plight of rhinos, whose few remaining numbers in the wild spell certain extinction unless the trade in rhino horn is shut down urgently.

    Please join us and raise your voice for elephants and rhinos !

    Please see the Facebook event page for further details.


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