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    Action for Elephants UK is a grass-roots non-profit group working to help stop the slaughter of elephants and ensure their survival as a species. In Africa and Asia elephants are being poached for their tusks in unprecedented numbers – between 35,000 and 50,000 every year – simply to satisfy consumer demand for ivory trinkets. If they’re not being poached, elephants all over the world are suffering horrific cruelty and abuse in captivity – there is nowhere safe any more for these remarkable giants. Humanity has destroyed them – now it’s up to humanity to save them.

    On our website you will find information about the poaching crisis and the ivory trade as well as links to other resources, including articles and videos about elephant behaviour and society. Please take a few minutes to learn about these supremely intelligent and emotionally sentient creatures, and to understand the scale of the suffering and genocide that’s depleted 95% of their population. Then please take the next step to help in whatever way you can to save them from vanishing forever.

    Threatened with extinction


    Elephant numbers have crashed in recent years. Time may be running out for them. In Africa, only a tiny fraction of their original numbers remains, and they continue to be ruthlessly slaughtered on a scale never seen before. This poaching frenzy, often in the hands of militarized gangs, is pushing them to the brink of extinction.

    Most of the ivory ends up in China, where it is carved into trinkets and ornaments to meet consumer demand for these traditionally high-status items.

    Demand for ivory continues to fuel the killing of around 35,000 elephants every year – that’s around 100 elephants every day, 1 every 15 minutes. If this rate of killing continues, elephants could be extinct in many parts of the wild within 15 years.

    A ban on ivory is critical


    The most urgently needed step to stem the tide of killing is a total ban on the ivory trade and all forms of ivory.

    There have been encouraging signs of progress in 2015. In July, President Obama proposed regulations that would virtually eliminate all ivory trade in the US. In September, President Obama and President Xi Jinping agreed to enact ‘nearly complete bans on ivory imports and exports’ and to ‘take steps to halt the domestic commercial trade of ivory’.

    From mid-2014 the price of raw ivory halved in China, suggesting a reduction in demand.

    While these are all welcome (possibly game-changing) initiatives, the need for China to implement its promised ban remains as critical as ever. Other countries also must ban their domestic ivory trade – including the UK, where the ivory trade thrives without any implementation of regulations, monitoring, or prosecution of illegal sales.

    Giant steps needed for giants


    The biggest single step that would reduce poaching is for China to implement a full ban on its domestic ivory trade. But there are many other factors that contribute to the crisis, including the lack of political will by many African governments to crack down on poaching and ivory traffickers. Widespread corruption, human-elephant conflict, and the encroachment and destruction of elephants’ habitats by a growing human population are some of the other major obstacles.

    Elephants are the largest land species on our planet. They have a highly evolved intelligence and tight social bonds, and, as a keystone species, they fulfill a vital role in the ecosystem. They are giants in every sense, yet they are powerless in the face of the onslaught they’re now facing. They need protecting and saving, and only we – the species that has brought them to the brink of extinction – can save them.

    Find out more


    There are many ways you can help and be part of the movement to save elephants. Public awareness is growing everywhere and there are positive signs of change, both from China and other countries. But not enough is being done to end the poaching and implement bans on ivory, and we must keep up the pressure.

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    “But perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that there are no walls between humans and the elephants except those that we put up ourselves, and that until we allow not only elephants, but all living creatures their place in the sun, we can never be whole ourselves.”  Lawrence Anthony

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